VU Handouts and PPT Slides

VU Handouts:

A documents given to the students a reporters that contains information about a particular subjects. A handout Something given freely or

distributed free to those in need. It can refer to Government welfare or

a charitable gift, and it make take the form of money, food or other necessities.

Select a course code for VU Handouts (PDF/PPTs)

ACC311 ACC501 BIF401 BIO101 BIO102 BIO301 BIT701 BIT703 BIT710 BIT715 BNK601 CS001 CS101 CS201 CS301 CS302 CS304 CS401 CS402 CS408 CS410 CS501 CS504 CS506 CS507 CS508 CS601 CS602 CS605 CS606 CS607 CS609 CS610 CS614 CS615 CS701 CS702 CS703 CS704 CS706 CS707 CS709 CS710 CS711 CS712 CS716 CS718 CS723 CS724 ECO401 ECO403 ECO501 ECO601 EDU301 EDU303 EDU654 ENG001 ENG101 ENG201 ENG301 ETH201 FIN611 FIN622 FIN623 FIN624 FIN625 FIN630 FIN704 HRM611 HRM617 HRM623 HRM624 HRM625 HRM627 HRM628 ISL201 IT430 MCM101 MCM301 MCM304 MCM310 MCM311 MCM401 MCM404 MCM411 MCM431 MCM501 MCM511 MCM514 MCM515 MCM516 MCM517 MCM520 MCM531 MCM532 MCM601 MCM604 MCM610 MGMT510 MGMT611 MGMT622 MGMT623 MGMT625 MGMT627 MGMT628 MGMT629 MGMT630 MGMT728 MGT101 MGT111 MGT201 MGT510 MGT520 MGT601 MGT602 MGT603 MGT604 MGT603 MGT603 MGT603 MGT603 MGT603 MGT603