United State meeting with Pakistan for peace of Afghan

Washington: latest News A United State delegation will reach Islamabad on Monday for Talks

with Pakistani Officials, as the Afghan peace process intensifies and could lead to a presidential

visit to the region, if it succeeds.

United State meeting with Pakistan for peace of Afghan


Also, United State special envoy for Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilizad, arrived in Doha on Saturday to “resume talks with the Taliban”,

he wrote in a tweet in Dari. “The Taliban have Shown signs of a willingness to compromise. We are ready for a good deal,” he added.

In Washington, diplomatic sources told Dawn that Alice wells, the Trump administration’s point-person for South and Central Asia,

was coming to Islamabad for talks with Pakistani officials on Afghanistan and Bilateral Relation.

Trump May Visit Islamabad if Afghanistan Peace agreement is Completed.


The Source said that would be a follow-up- of the US- Pakistan consultation that began in Washington when Prime Minister of Pakistan

Imran Khan visited and Meet US President Donald Trump at the White House on July 22.

They also said if the Doha talks led to an agreement between the United States and Taliban, President Donald Trump of

USA might be visit Afghanistan in September to finalized the deal.

Although close partners once, relations between the United States and Pakistan disintegrated after May 2011, when the American insight

found Al Qaeda pioneer Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad and a group of US Navy Seals took him out. In any case, the binds started to

improve toward the end of last year, when Pakistan influenced the Taliban to hold direct converses with Washington.

From that point forward, the different sides have held eight rounds of talks in the same number of months and this end of the week they

started one more. US-Pakistan ties got another lift a week ago, when President Trump met Prime Minister Khan and demonstrated in a

joint news meeting that he preferred the new Pakistani pioneer and was anticipating working with him to end America’s longest war.

Mr. Donald Trump likewise communicated his longing to intercede among India and Pakistan on Kashmir at the White House news

meeting and repeated the idea on Thursday, saying he would “unquestionably mediate” to help settle the 70-year-old contest, whenever

requested to do as such.

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