Sri Lanka quality can help them make comeback-Shakib-ul-hassan

Bangladesh all-rounder Shakib-ul-hassan noted on Friday jan 19 that his new batting position is trusted upon to add more quality and adjust to their team lineup.

He equally specified how the new group management has come in with new thoughts and has allowed the players an chance to accept up greater liability.

Sri Lanka quality can help them make comeback – Shakib-ul-hassan:-

 Sri Lanka quality can help them make comeback - Shakib-ul-hassan


The host have created two clinical perform, against Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka, team to take an early lead in the continuous tri-country series.

In any case, preceding the competition, there was a ton of theory about the group management

following the less than ideal rejection of head guide Chandrika Hathurusingha

However, Khaled Mahmud and Richard Halsall, who assumed control in the post-Hathurusingha period,

Came in with no experience of being accountable for any national side. In any case, Bangladesh have turned out

in top frame in the two opening diversions setting the tone ahead of schedule in the opposition.

Sri Lanka quality can help them make comeback - Shakib-ul-hassan

“The individuals who do our arranging, they have had an adjustment in their attitude,” Shakib said on Friday.

“We have had a difference in guide, so the new individual in control has his own reasoning.

I won’t state we played without opportunity previously yet now we are additionally playing unreservedly.

In the meantime, we are additionally taking own choices. Shakib-ul-hassan come back into the game.

“This is a major favorable position for everybody to be include. Sujon bhai Khaled Muhammad and Richard Halsall realizes what we require;

They have been giving and we have been using it,” Shakib included.

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The star all-rounder likewise specified that they were in urgent need of a win, following their ghastly keep running in South Africa.

“We won the majority of our matches in 2005 and 2006 against Zimbabwe. We got our successful propensity from that time.

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