Pakistan vs New Zealand Match Summry

Williamson, the captain of the New Zealand winning officer or commander: Fantastic execution all-round. It was a serious surface to get in on and get vitality. Incredible surface yet was difficult to score. Trent was remarkable.

New Zealand win the series of 5 ODI Matches:-

Pakistan vs New Zealand Match Summry

5 matches series New Zealand win the series. They play 3 match and 3 match win the host team name is new zealand.

Match Summry of 3 Matches are:
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1st Match Summery


New vs Pak

New= 257/10 over 50

Pak=74/10 over 27.2


New Win by 183 runs

2nd Match Summery:

2nd Match

New vs Pak

Pak= 246/9  over 50

New=151/2 over 23.5


New Win by 8 wkt (DLS)


Pakistan Loss the 5 ODI Matches Series:-

Pakistan vs New Zealand Match Summry

Sarfraz Ahmed, losing Team caption: Very mysterious or disappoint to the team. Our bowlers shook the rocking the bowling alley back street well.

In any case, our batting tumbled yet again. We will sit together again before Hamilton and endeavor to manage it. Our issues have come against the new ball. Will look not to give too much various wickets away in starting 10 overs.

It wasn’t a straightforward pitch to score on with the ball stopping as often as possible.

Regardless, Pakistan would have done well to take a flag from Williamson’s pound earlier where the NZ chief contended energetically to get into rhythm. That didn’t happen. Everything considered, Boult was momentous.

Boult is a man of the match of the 3rd ODI match. He, gets 5 wickets in one match and change a match summery and

convert to one side game.

New  Zealand skipper is very happy for our team work specially bowlers. All team play very well and i also proud our team.

New Zealand captain work hard and they and their team combination is very strong. They have strong planning. When match start they have a game plain more then 2 or 3. One lose then act on second.

Pakistani players play on Asians pitches they feel difficult on play hard and fast pitches. So i think that is mean cause to lose the match on New Zealand.

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