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India U19 vs Pakistan U19 World Cup semifinal2

Pakistan U19 vs India U19,  Semifinal2 of U19 World Cup live Cricket score update.


India U19 vs Pakistan U19 semifinal 2:-

India U19 won the match by 203 runs.

Man of the Match= Shubman Gill.

Prithvi Shaw India Captain: It was a good all round performance from every one. We are doing a great job. The plan was simple. Just look for the loose balls and convert into boundaries. All players play very well and batsman and bowler have do great job. I am feeling proud and thanks to the crowd as well. 

Hasan Khan Pakistani Captain: Indian Player Play very well. The game was pretty much in balance. Unfortunately, our players did not perform. Nothing worked. We missed a couple of chance. Things did not really go our way. The batsman did not perform very well and the bowler perform some better. So it’s a luck which team win WO play well so Indian play well and he win.

Score Cards:

India U19 Batting: Target: 272/9 over (50)
Batsman:       Runs
Prithvi Shaw                                                  out 41
Manjot Kalra                                                 out 47
Shubman Gill                                                out 102
Harvik Desai (WK)                                      out 20
Riyan Parag                                                  out 2
Abhisek Sharm                                             out 5
Anukul Sudhakar Ro                                   out 33
Kamlesh Nagarkoti                                      out 1
Shivam Mavi                                                out 10
Shiva Singh                                                   out 1
Ishan Porel                                            not out 1

Fall of Wickets:

89-1 (Prithvi Shaw) 94-2 (Manjot Kalra), 148-3 (Harvik Desai), 156-4 (Riyan Parag),

166-5 (Abhisek Sharma), 233-6 (Anukul Sudhakar Roy), 242-7 (Kamlesh Nagarkoti),

265-8 (Shivam Mavi), 267-9 (Shiva Singh)

Bowler: Wikts
Arshad Iqbal 3
Muhammad Musa 4
Shaheen Afridi 1
Hasan Khan 0
Muhammad Taha 0
Ali Zaryab 0

2nd Innings:

Pakistan U19 Battings: Total: 69/10 over 29.3
Batsman: Runs:
Imran Shah                                             out 2
Muhammad Zaid Alam                        out 7
Rohail Nazir (wk)                                  out 18
Ali Zaryab                                                out 1
Ammad Alam                                         out 4
Muhammad Taha                                 out 4
Saad khan                                               out 15
Hasan Khan ©                                       out 1
Shaheen Afridi                                       out 0
Muhammad Musa                                 out 11
Arshad Iqbal                                          out 1

Fall of Wickets:

10-1 (Muhammad Zaid), 13-2 (Imran Shah), 20-3 (Ali Zaryab), 28-4 (Ammad Alam),

37-5 (Muhammad Taha), 41-6 (Rohail Nazir), 45-7 (Hassan Khan), 48-8 (Shaheen Afridi)

68-9 (Saad khan), 69-10 (Irshad Iqbal).

Bowler: Wicket:
Shivman Mavi 0
Ishan Porel 4
Kamlesh Nagarkoti 0
Shiva Singh 2
Riyan Parag 2
Anukul Sudhakar Roy 1
Abhishek Sharma 1

Match Info:

Toss: India U19 win the toss and option to bat

Date:    Date: Jan 30,2018

Venue:  Hagley Oval, Christchurch      

Umpires: P wilson, Gregory Brathwaite.

Third Umpires: N Duguid

Pakistan U19 Team:

Muhamamd Zaid Alam, Imran Shah, Ali Zaryab, Muhammad Taha, Rohail Nazir(wk),

Ammad Alam, Hassan Khan©, Saad Khan, Muhammad Muasa, Shaheen Afridi, Arshad Iqbal.

India U19 Team:

Prithvi Shaw ©, Manjot Kalra, Harvik Desai (WK), Shubman Gil, Riyan Parag,

Anukul Sudhakar Roy, Abhisek Sharma, Kamlesh Nagarkoti, Shivam Mavi, Shiva Singh, Ishan Porel.


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